About Us

Computapole began developing mobile and database software for the utility industry in 1982. During this time computers had not yet become mainstream and the utility industry was still gathering data with a pencil and paper. Dan Block and his colleague saw an opportunity for a business venture in automating the utility industry.

Computapole's first application was developed in California for the inspection and groundline treatment of wood utility poles. The success of this application in California caused Southern California Gas & Electric to mandate the use of this technology for all groundline contractors. Computapole Asset Management Soon, utility companies across the country were being introduced to Computapole Test & Treat software and there was a rapid demand to expand the software programs to other utility maintenance applications. It wasn't long before Computapole was setting the standard for customized field automation in the utility industry. Since then we have continued to grow by continuously setting new standards in the industry.

From field computer software to complete database development, we provide the necessary software, hardware, consulting, and training required for all forms of utility field automation.