Distribution Patrol

Distribution Patrol Overview

screen shot of test and treat pole inspections application

Computapole's Distribution Patrol is a fully automated distribution pole inspection application. We want your inspectors to focus on what they are entering, not how to enter it, which is why our visual interface is simple and intuitive. It all starts with the latest version of our Distribution Patrol mobile application which we customize to match your system's requirements.Computapole's Pole Inspection software set the standard in the early 1980's with an easy to use application for collecting groundline test and treat data on pole assets. Weekly computer generated reports brought a level of automation the utility industry had not yet seen. Production reporting, invoice generation and validation, auditing, year to date budget status, graphical analysis of pole decay, all made Computapole Software stand out among the leading pole inspection companies.

Our user interface is clean, simple, and easy to use. We layout the data fields in a way that maximizes efficiency setting our Distribution Patrol program apart from the competition. It's the little things that make our programs stand out, such as the 'Copy Last' feature which makes quick work of inspecting a line of identical poles. The maintenance routine of the program makes entering detailed maintenance information a cinch by allowing multiple codes and various levels of data attached to each code. We keep your program simple by customizing it to have only the features you need and want. We don't weigh down the application with data fields and features your inspectors will never use. At the same time we ensure that you have all of the fields you do need and want. If you need to include an asset number with your inspection then we will add the field. Perhaps you need an attachment survey or stray voltage inspection added to the program, or maybe a form of inspection we've never done before. No matter what you need, you can count on it being included in your software package. All of our mobile applications support full field validation so your inspections aren't saved until all data entered has passed our user defined validation rules, virtually eliminating inspection mistakes.

Your inspectors will never miss a pole from your data preload because we map the locations of known poles near your inspectors based on their current GPS location. Our GPS map is simple and easy to use and ensures that nothing is overlooked. Plus you can browse through inspected poles based on their GPS locations in relation to your own physical location.

Computapole software provides disaster recovery from most any situation. Programs and data are stored on non-volatile memory with automatic daily backups and automated recovery procedures. Our mobile applications can be re-installed right from the memory card if required, eliminating any down time in the field.

PC-Side Application

screen shot of test and treat pole inspections application

Our Distribution Patrol can be used as a stand-alone mobile application or along with our PC-side Distribution application. The PC program will handle all the data transmission, program updates to the device, and report generation. Our PC-side program can even handle inserting the data into a database thousands of miles away.

We will custom design your distribution reports. We can make them look like existing reports you already use, or provide a new look and feel. With the PC Distribution program all of your reports are just a few clicks today. No need to learn SQL (structured query language) to get data from your database, the PC Distribution program lets you select reporting criteria from our simple graphical interface. Need to sort by feeders that contain poles needing a certain type of treatment? Maybe you need to find all records inspected between Monday and Friday last week that have telephone attachments. A couple clicks and you will have your reports onscreen from which you can generate PDF or Excel documents, or simply press print for a hardcopy.

The PC Distribution program also allows you to edit existing inspection records and even create new ones. You don't need to fiddle around trying to make a change directly to the database, simply load the inspection, make your change, and click save. And this is only a handful of the ways the PC Distribution makes your job easier.

Installing and upgrading your PC-side application is as simple as clicking the installation file on your desktop. Using our PC-side software along with the mobile application makes updating Distribution Patrol with new preload, program version, and database lookup tables as simple as connecting the device to your PC and clicking a button.