Meter Install

Meter Install Overview

screen shot of test and treat pole inspections application

Compuatpole's Meter Install is a fully automated meter installation application. Your inspectors will be focusing on what they are entering rather than how to enter it thanks to our simple and intuitive interface. It all starts with the latest version of our Meter Install program and from there we customize the entire application to suit your needs.

Meter Install's interface allows you to gather all data necessary to log your meter installations. You can preload data into your program so that your workers need only 'fill in the blanks'. Your inspectors can easily view and edit previous records thanks to our simple Enter-Browse-Edit interface. A popular feature of Meter Install is the ability to easily capture images of the old meters. No need for a separate camera and complicated image file logging, Meter Install handles it all. Our image preview provides zoom-in support so that your workers can verify the quality and focus of the image. This ensures clear pictures as verification of the off reading for the old meter before it was disconnected. Like all Computapole applications, Meter Install provides full field validation, minimizing data entry mistakes in the field. Built in support for barcode scanning allows your inspectors to scan a meter and automatically bring up its associated data. Keep track of failed attempts to make installs due to lack of access to the meter via Meter Install's 'three strike' system.

Meter Install allows you to log your meter's Global Positioning System (GPS) location for use in your GIS systems. Our GPS reliably gives you new readings quickly and accurately. Computapole's GPS Manager does away with your GPS connection headaches. Mapping can be incorporated into your Meter Install program to help your workers find the meters they need to change out.

Like all Computapole mobile applications, data recovery in the event of hardware failure is a top priority. We silently back up your data each time you save a record protecting you against database file corruption. Our mobile applications can be re-installed in the field directly from your memory card reducing down time in the field in the event of hardware problems.

PC-Side Application

Our Meter Install mobile application can be used as a stand-alone program or along with our PC-side Meter Swap application. The PC program will handle all the meter changes, automatic program updates to the device, and easy report generation. Our PC applications are loaded with features that reduce mistakes and make your job easier.

screen shot of test and treat pole inspections application

Save common report criteria with the touch of a button. Printing to PDF format or exporting data to Excel is just as simple.

We will custom design your Meter Install reports. We can make them look like existing reports you already use, or provide a new look and feel. With our PC applications all of your reports are just a few clicks away. No need to learn SQL to get data from your database as our PC-side applications let you select reporting criteria from our simple graphical interface. Need a quick listing of all unchanged meters? Maybe you want to look at all the meters that were changed on Main Street? A couple clicks and you will have your reports on screen from which you can generate PDF or Excel documents, or simply print a hardcopy.

Installing your application is as simple as clicking the installation file on your desktop. Updating both your PC and mobile Meter Install programs is easier than ever thanks to Computapole Auto Update which ensures that you are always running the latest release of your software without the need for reinstallations.