Test and Treat

Pole Inspection Overview

screen shot of test and treat pole inspections application

Computapole's Pole Inspection software set the standard in the early 1980's with an easy to use application for collecting groundline test and treat data on pole assets. Weekly computer generated reports brought a level of automation the utility industry had not yet seen. Production reporting, invoice generation and validation, auditing, year to date budget status, graphical analysis of pole decay, all made Computapole Software stand out among the leading pole inspection companies.

We want your poles to last as long as possible so we've designed our software to be intuitive and easy to use so as to minimize mistakes and ensure that your poles receive the preventive treatment they need to withstand the elements for years to come. Track all of the information needed, maintenance work required and work performed on each pole. Analyze that data using our PC-side Pole Inspection application with a Pole Inspection interface that is customizable to your every whim. Your software will feature a control flow that matches your current inspection routine so your inspectors can be trained on the application in the shortest amount of time possible. Our intricate validation checks ensure that data is entered correctly in the field so there won't be any surprises when the data is reviewed later.

We can integrate our mapping system into your Pole Inspection application to allow your inspectors to locate and select the poles they need to inspect directly from the map. No guesswork, no invalid pole number entries, no doubts when a map has been completed.

PC-Side Application

screen shot of test and treat pole inspections application

Computapole's PC-side Pole Inspection application is designed to work with our mobile Pole Inspection applications. The PC-side program provides full control over your data management and allows you to run a variety of custom reports on that data.

Our PC-side Pole Inspection application can also be customized to act as the inspection application itself and can be taken in the field using a laptop or tablet PC computer. This can be advantageous when using Pole Inspection along with our mapping system because you will be able to visually track the locations of your poles on a larger screen.

The Pole Inspection PC-side application is capable of interfacing with the mobile application to handle data transfer and program updates. Both the mobile and PC-side programs can be used as a stand-alone application.