Transmission Patrol

Transmission Patrol Overview

screen shot of test and treat pole inspections application

Computapole's Transmission Patrol is a completely automated transmission line inspection application. Our visual interface is intuitive so that your inspectors can focus on what they are entering rather than how to enter it. We start with the latest version of our Transmission Patrol program and from there customize the entire application to suit your needs.

Transmission Patrol's interface allows for the gathering of any data you need including a specialized interface for maintenance entries and multi-pole structures and structure types. Your inspectors can easily manage their inspections through our simple Entry-Browse-Edit interface. Our programs protect key fields from being edited and provide full validation on all fields thus virtually eliminating entry mistakes. Add our Stray Voltage and/or Timesheet module to your inspection application for a complete data collection package.

Preload your entire system by GPS and your inspectors will never miss a structure again. Our GPS map is simple and easy to use and ensures that nothing is accidentally missed. Plus you can view the locations of inspected structures based on their current GPS location.

Computapole software provides disaster recovery from most any situation. Programs and data are stored on non-volatile memory with automatic daily backups and automated recovery procedures if ever needed. Our mobile applications can be re-installed right from the memory card if required, eliminating any down time in the field.

PC-Side Application

screen shot of test and treat pole inspections application

Our Transmission mobile application can be used as a stand-alone or along with our PC-side Transmission application. The PC program will handle all the data transmission, automatic program updates to the device, and easy report generation. Our PC applications are loaded with features that make your job easier.

Save common report criteria with the touch of a button. Printing to PDF format or exporting data to Excel is just as simple.

We will custom design your transmission reports. We can make them look like existing reports you already use, or provide a new look and feel. With our PC applications all of your reports are just a few clicks away. No need to learn SQL (structured query language) to get data from your database as our PC-side applications let you select reporting criteria from our simple graphical interface. Need a quick listing of all 3-pole structures? Maybe you want to look at all records inspected last week with trees growing into the power lines. A couple clicks and you will have your reports onscreen from which you can generate PDF or Excel documents, or simply print a hardcopy.

Installing and upgrading your application is as simple as clicking the installation file on your desktop. Using our PC-side software along with the mobile application makes updating Underground Patrol with new preload, program version, and database lookup tables as simple as connecting the device to your PC and clicking a button